Thursday, March 30, 2006


everyone comes into your life for a reason, right?

i wonder why certain people come into my life. i wonder why i feel a certain way about people and what they are supposed to mean. you know? exactly what it is about them that is going to impact my life.

i wonder why some people get so close to you, only to fall away.
i wonder why you get involved with people, for them only to break your heart.
i wonder why nobody can tell anybody the truth, we all hide how we feel, what we say, what we do.
i wonder why two people who are meant to be together just can't be that way...
without restrictions, without guilt, just together and happy.
i wonder what the significance of meeting a person for only a few hours will do for the rest of my life.

i wonder why certain people keep appearing over and over in the same place even when you both thought it was done.

i know its been said that you shouldn't worry about the people in your past, because there's a reasong they're not in your future, but what if the people you think are your past keep appearing in your future?

i just wish i could know exactly what it is about a person that will change me forever. that will tell me something or smile at me and make my world a better place.

and on the other hand, what exactly am i to do? did i smile at someone today and make their day a little brighter? did i wave at a friend going down the road and make them laugh? did i do something to impact someone else, even it was in a small way? am i to dramatically change someone's life one day?

will i ever meet the one person who i mesh with completely and have a chance to build a lifetime together? will i ever get the chance to further a relationship that i currently have?

and for answers, i'll just reply with 'every answer asks an even more beautiful question.'

i guess it's one of those you'll know when you get there kinda things.

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