Sunday, March 12, 2006

the bad side: radio disappoints me. honestly i think that radio ruins music. there are so many good songs out there. and then radio latches onto them and plays them over and over and over. even stations that claim a "variety" play the same variety again and again. 'you and me' used to be a good song. now i can't even listen to it without thinking, "i hate this song". and it's our freakin' prom song! annnnd um, 'photograph' is getting way old, and weezer's 'beverly hills'. i don't even listen to that song on the cd any more. i just skip right over it. and 'you're beautiful', i heard it one day and i could sing it two days later because i heard it so much. therefore, radio disappoints me.

then on the plus side, radio promotes unknown bands and is a way i listen to music i normally wouldn't, like i wouldn't buy the cd if i didn't hear the single on the radio. so i guess that's good.

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