Sunday, March 26, 2006


"i'm not yours and baby, you're not mine, but we've got something that sure is fine, let's take our love one night at a time. there's one thing that we both agree, i like you and baby you like me, lets take our love one night at a time."

george straight's been in my cd player the past couple of days. love him. songs hit home.

i had a lot to say tonight. but i don't believe i actually have the time and words to actually get it out. so i'll try again some other time.

i just wish that everything would work out the way i envision it. i wish that there was a fly on the wall that could tell me what i don't see. i wish i could replay the events back, like an out of body experience where i could watch everything. i wish i could understand. i wish i knew.

but if i knew, then i would be knowing.

i think i'm leading myself to believe in something that's never going to happen.

how can someone act so indifferent? it's unbelievable.

words aren't coming right now....

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