Thursday, March 2, 2006


i learned so much today and i wish i could like automatically remember everything so i wouldn't forget any BIT of what i absorbed today.

the leadership conference i went on today was halfway really boring and halfway interesting. but it was so much fun. i am so glad i finally decided to go and not stay at school like i was planning on last night.

i'm glad that i never listen to myself.

i learned that maybe i am a leader after all. being a leader isn't about being in charge. it's about having the ability to influence somebody elses life. and in this way, we're all leaders. we may be good leaders or bad leaders but we're all leaders. and these people that you are leading are more influnced by your actions, and not your words. so your life can be an example for someone else and you may never know it.

i also learned not to make decisions based on how feelings. how often have i said something or wrote something because i was angry or sad and then regretted it later? too often. decisions that are good decisions aren't rash ones based on the emotion that you feel at the time.

also, i learned that love is not a feeling, it is a choice. (don't ask me how i learned this at a leadership conference). but anyway, it's like sometimes you wake up and you say to yourself, "i don't feel like i love this person today." but you do love them. it's hard to explain, but i know what it is that i'm trying to say.

it was absolutely beautiful outside today. it gives me such a free and careless feeling to walk outside with bare feet and a messy ponytail and twirl around in the sunshine. it gives me a feeling of joy to drive just a little too fast with the windows down and the music really loud. it makes me excited that i spent a whole afternoon outside in shorts.

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