Saturday, September 30, 2006


i am feeling much much better about a lot of things.
i had

friday: spirit day. wore my homecoming shirt to school, matched about two thirds of the student body. uniformity at its best. made jared a sign during first, did stupid work during second (of course mrs. hocutt would make us work on homecoming day. nobody does that!) and i colored and gossiped in third (shame on me i know). i got soo mad at my cousin during third, she made me see red. so therefore, we have two girlcotts now, instead of just one, and no more boycotts. fourth was the parade, nicole was in it, amber and i opted to sit outside on the grass and watch the parade go by. it was the first time since i started high school that i watched the parade instead of being in it. but i kinda liked it that way. then after that we all ran down to the stadium and had a pep rally outside. i dont like that as much as having one inside the gym but oh well. after that me and amber decorated our cars some more and i helped to decorate for the dance, got a ticket to get in free. i went to subway, talked to my boss, i have two weeks and im a free girl again. yay! i came home and curled my hair (i sat in curlers for an hour) and got dressed for the dance, then left and went to meet nicole at the gas station. we go to the school, meet amber, and go into the game. by the end of the first quarter, there are no more curls in my hair. its almost perfectly straight again. stupid hair. lol. we all looked pretty good i do have to say so myself. haha. then i scored some major points with someones mama...ahem (yay me). then we hung around for a little while, went to the dance. it was fun. the only awkward moments were the slow dances but that is kinda to be expected when you go by yourself. after the dance, about eleven forty five or so, we leave and go to huddle house to eat. the service was kinda bad but it was still fun anyway. we were all tired and cold and the girls' feet all hurt by that time. we yawned our way through hamburgers and cheese sticks but it was still a good time. then, about 1:15 or so i get home, and im in the bed at 1:30. i had an amazing time. aubrey, our yearbook photographer and friend, won homecoming queen. i voted for her. she's 100% real, and not plastic, like the other girls. she's quite possibly the only lesbian girl to be elected homecoming queen. but it wassss FUN.

saturday: i get up at six thirty (AM, mind you) to go to calera. i sleep on the way there, i sleep for an hour once i get there, but im still sooo tired. so i worked on the trains all day and denverd's step daughter sarah (its pronounced denver but with a silent d on the end, i have no idea where the d comes from)...anyway, sarah followed me around like all day long because denverd was working on the trains and i was a carhost. she's eleven, and she's so sweet. she was like my mini-me. she even got the same sandwich i did for lunch. it was cute. okay so i carhost three runs today and i was so tired, and then i come home, change really really fast and drive back to church for the progressive dinner. i missed appetizers but i got the main course and dessert so i was good. i came home afterwards, i am sooo tired right now i can barely keep my eyes open but ya know. the internet calls. anyway, that was pretty much my weekend thus far in a nutshell. so yeah.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


tonight i...
dropped the same knife twice
dropped a different knife
dropped the dustpan full of trash
broke a sandwich
apparently "forgot" (they didnt say it) to toast two sandwiches
accidentally threw a guy's ham and cheese onto the actual oven
accidentally dropped the same ham and cheese into the tomatoes
burned my finger on the oven
slammed the glass cover on the same finger
worked a five hour shift non-stop with no break
worked three of those five hours with only one other person
closed the store
attempted to quit*
watched my friends drive up and chat with each other on their way to the bonfire/pep rally, the jr/sr war, or the jr/sr peace party, all of which i could not attend. i watched them drive around and have fun, heard them make plans for later, got missed calls from my closest friends and talked to them on their way to go roll the school. all of which while i was trapped behind a counter making sandwiches for rude people.

*attempted to quit means i told my boss i wanted to give her my two weeks notice and she said no, that i was too good a worker and that i could just work on saturdays and sundays. then since i was on the clock, i had to work and we got busy, and she left before i could tell her i dont want to work weekends, i dont want to work at all. the whole point of the only working on tuesdays and thursday nights were so that i could be free on the weekends to catch up on my homework, my rest, go out with the church, and/or go to calera. therefore, tomorrow, after i go to school and be in a parade (hopefully), go to a pep rally, and decorate for a dance, i will stop by subway and tell her that i quit. i hate that stupid job. i hate making sandwiches for people. i hate people talking down to me because im on the other side of the counter. i hate watching everybody else have fun while im stuck at work. i hate not having any fun. im practically eighteen years old, in my senior year of high school, and im not having fun. im going to forever remember my last homecoming as being crappy because i didnt get to work on the float or go to my last bonfire pep rally or get shoes for my dress all because i had to work. it sucks real bad. so i quit. you hear me? quit.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


so i got a dress.
which makes me a lot happier.
but not as happy as if i would have had a date.
speaking of,
we ended our boycott.
it lasted a day and a half.

tomorrow i have to skip the bonfire/pep rally because i have to work. not fun. i hate work. i really do.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


dress shopping with my favorite amberlina tomorrowwww...

im gonna be pocahontas tomorrow for cartoon character day.

today i was a hippie :]
it was awesome.

Monday, September 25, 2006


i am SO anti-certain-boy right now.
and anti-certain-girl.
me, nicole, and amber.
all of us are.

it just really irks my tater.
the way she treats people.
and the way he acts.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


three "plans of action" are set in motion.
one for each of us.

im a nervous wreck.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


it is football weather outside. and thats making me excited.

im so ready for this friday's game.

and i'm ready for homecoming, oh yes. alll next week! monday is "senior day" where we take that field trip to shelton and to the university, and then all the rest of the week is just homecoming festivities. and mmm i am going to the thrift store to pick up some costume stuff for next week's dress up days, our float's gonna rock, and i am gonna have fun!

im really getting into this senior thing.


Saturday, September 16, 2006


for the first time in twenty two games,


these are my boys. my senior class.

heck yes.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


me gusta.
yo quiero.

i just made the best card i've ever made in my life.
i talked to jared.
he feels better.
and so do i.

Monday, September 4, 2006


i have noticed that i have a thing about hands.

it just amazes me that two completely different hands can fit together so well; a perfect match. take, for example: a kinda large hand (for a girl), long slim fingers and long fingernails; a kinda small hand (for a guy), and short-ish, pudgy-ish fingers. the two are completely different, yet they fit together so well.

so when you meet your perfect person, is their hand going to be just the right size for yours? is it going to be everything you ever wanted in a hand, that makes you want to hold hands all the time?

i love holding hands. i want to keep holding hands even when im sixty. its a bond, a connection. so far, i've only found one, out of all the hands i've ever held, that fits mine really well.

Friday, September 1, 2006


today was practically perfect.

football season has arrived.

it was an all around freakin awesome day.

we dominated at the pep rally.

we won the spirit stick.

my friends are amazing.

especially my football friends.

especially my hot football friends :].

ahem *numbertwenty*.

and again, i was happy.

you have no idea how much i like saying that.