Saturday, June 30, 2012

between the drinks and subtle things.

so lately i've seen a lot of blogs/tweets/facebook posts condemning (mostly) women about reading 50 shades of grey and watching magic mike.

even though so far, i have done neither, this is my rebuttal.

first and foremost, i think that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. and i respect that. but, having said that, there is a real difference between an opinion and a judgement. i've read blogs where other female writers claim to be stating an opinion - and one that they will claim as being Biblical - before painting themselves as holier-than-thou and stating that reading or watching the aforementioned is absolutely wrong and a huge sin. i'm fine with your opinion. but when you tell me that i am absolutely in the wrong, it really irks me.

sure, watching magic mike and drooling over channing tatum may make you want to point out that lusting in my heart is just as bad as commiting adultry. but how can you justify watching friends with benefits or wedding crashers and still tell me that i'm the one in the wrong?

we all have different things that cause us to sin, friends. does drinking a beer on a friday night qualify as a great big sin? it does to some. but not to others. i would like to share the opinion that maybe watching a movie or reading a book won't affect everyone the same way.

so before you condemn me for planning a girls' night out to watch magic mike, may i suggest that you study your own planks before my splinters?