Tuesday, October 30, 2007

poison ivy.

posion ivy
better condition than i be
hook me to an ivy
while i whisper why me
in the freezer
your words give me seizures
and if we take a breather
we'll break up and be hurt
i won''t let you buy cigarettes
but i'll let you by with regret
one thing i'll find a sure bet
a caged bird will fly if shes left
and i'll try not to cry
your fingers dry my eyes
a memory i'll never forget
i've been round
with little defense
and i'll sing a song
of inconsequence
and my days
with you are numbered
and i'll be amazed
if we see another
i won't let you buy cigarettes
but i'll let you by with regret
one thing i'll find a sure bet
a caged bird will fly if she's left
and i'll try not to cry
your fingers dry my eyes
a memory i'll never forget
now you're gone we always said
that would be the best thing
i fear im wrong or at least
thats what my heart is confessing
cause i miss you
and i wish you
were someone that i could forget
cause i miss you
and i wish you
were not number one on my list
my list of regrets
now i'm broken up
because we've broken up
its all a big what if
what if i'd spoken up
for what i wanted
poison ivy
better condition than i be
hook me an ivy
and i whisper why me

i am feeling a little nostalgic tonight. i'm not sure why. i'm filled with longing. so i spend my night reading poetry and listening to sad songs. my next creative projects is the completion of my costume to wear to class tomorrow and a sign for my wall that says "don't give up on love".

i feel like the perfect way to cap off the day is to curl up with homma, paired with my journal, comfy pj pants, and listening to THAT cd.

happy halloween.

Monday, October 29, 2007

matthew. dear matthew.

this has been the longest weekend of my life.
and i loved every minute of it.

i was up friday night doing homework. i think i stayed up till 2:30. i got up on saturday to begin the weekend of greatness at like 10. completely didn't finish my homework and instead packed and cleaned a little and basically tried to contain myself till it was time to leave. fast forward through the drive to tuscaloosa and then the hour or so the boys played nintendo, we went to travis' house and played guitar hero. and went to mellow mushroom. bonked people on campus. got stalked by some random guy. came back to travis' and played spoons. then we went to my house and did homework (haha) and sang christmas carols (because its christmas time!) and stayed up till about 4.

sunday was the MOST AMAZING DAY EVER. i got up at 8:30 to get ready for sunday school. from sunday school we went to the BEST CONCERT I'VE EVER BEEN TO IN MY LIFE. nathan drove all the way to mobile and we were there a couple hours before the doors opened. so we walked around downtown mobile and found a place to eat. (i didnt eat. the boys ate). then we decided to go park...and after we got out of the car and started to walk towards the ticket office, jon schneck walked out of the bus and came out to hang in the parking lot so OF COURSE we had to take pictures with him. i walk up and im like "heyy i read your blog." wow im a nerd.

i met kristi and we got our tickets. kristi is an incredible concert partner! it was more than that. the show was amazing. it was just soo good that i can't even find words to describe it. matthew thiessen is amazing. (i need a new adjective). but seriously. he sang a christmas song...in october :) and they made it snow on us! i dont know how to describe it. i just cant find the words.

and switchfoot was good, too. the way that they went into their songs (except for the weird thing at the beginning) was awesome...i didn't understand jon's dance moves. i think i was expecting something different so it was almost like i was disappointed...but i wasnt. because it was good. i guess it was more serious than i expected. i guess thats it. haha. i liked it anyway :)

then afterwards...we had to stand by the little gate that separated us from the tour buses. at the beginning, right after the show, there were a ton of people there. different members of switchfoot came by and we got autographs and pictures so that was fun. we kept waiting for relient k to come out (and i was like maaaatty pleeease come out) and finally john warne came out. followed by jon schneck again. and then MY MATTY. I GOT TO MEET MATTHEW THIESSEN. again, words cannot even describe how amazing he is...and how incredibly dumb i am. i kept going "he's right there. RIGHT THERE. he is RIGHT. THERE." then he got to me and i was like "hiiiiii i'm dianna and you are my HERO." i spent all 3 hours it took for him to get there rehearsing what i was going to say. then he was there and i forgot it all. this defines my life. single most amazing experience ever. he was followed by dave and finallyy hoopes came out because dave made him haha. so i met all of switchfoot and all of relient k.

THEEEE best night OF my life.

then we go to leave, its midnight or so. we get on this road looking for food and instead go into the middle of nowhere, having to make a big circle to get back on I-65. which made it take forever to get back home. ella drove to just south of montgomery and i took over there, at 3:30. everyone was sleepin but me, it was kinda odd to be the only one awake. nathan talks in his sleep and it kinda freaked me out a little. haha. we got home a little after 5:30; so we just kinda hung around my house for a little bit and got our stuff together and went back out on the road for the however long it takes to get back to msu. i didn't think we were gonna make it, to be honest.

then i had class from 9 to 11, and i intended on taking my lunch break and taking a nap and then studying, but i got sucked into facebook and instead uploaded fifty gazillion pictures. i was almost late because i lost track of time. then i went to class at 1, skipped math at 2, and came back to my dorm. i slept from 2:30 to 5:30 and then i went to class at 6. fun fun.

now im wide awake again.

but this was theeee best weekend ever. I MET MATTHEW THIESSEN. and he is amazing. possibly the most amazing person i've ever met. i just cannot say this fact enough. I MET MATTHEW THIESSEN. :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

road trips.

oh, how God works in mysterious ways. He teaches me a lesson when i least expect it. right when i'm starting to doubt the wonder of His grace. then He comes and He shows me exactly what i've been needing to know. awesome :)

on a different note (i wasnt even aware that the above sentences were going to be written. i wasnt even thinking them when i logged in. maybe someone needs to read them), i cannot concentrate at all...

i had a whooole day to do the many things on my to do list, but instead i slept in really late (a result of staying up late the night before) and then i really honestly don't know how i wasted my afternoon. i neeeed to study for this test i have on monday. because it covers four chapters and i know from the last one that its gonna be hard. but i waited till like, i duno, four, to start studying. then i got distracted and decided i needed to clean my room (which i did...but not necessarily right that second). so i cleaned my room. even swept under the desks and the beds and under the sink. haha, hardcore. then i decided i was going to study again. so i did for a little while, then i checked facebook and saw an ad on the side for this game that looked like fun. so i went to the site and played it. for THREE HOURS. so then i finally decide to study again and i remember i never did my laundry. so i go to the basement and do laundry. now it's 1:15 in the morning. other than my 27,000 points on the game and a clean room and a clean basket of laundry, i accomplished NOTHING today.

my attention span is like five seconds i swear.

which means, in turn, that in addition to going to class all day tomorrow, i also have to complete a study guide (for another class...test also monday), copy a whole powerpoint worth of notes for monday night's class, finish the thing i attempted today, clean out the car, figure out what i'm going to wear sunday night, print directions to mobile civic center...

procrastination totally bites you in the butt.

so whatever we end up doing saturday, i shall bring my homework! because i knooow it's not all gonna get done tomorrow.

but you know what? it's allll worth it. just to see my matty t. relient k for the first time in three years. switchfoot for the first time everrr (who i've been waiting yearrrs to see...and i always kinda wanted to go to a SF show wearing a cowboy hat, not sure why...but i think i'm over it now haha).

i might think about going to bed now. i have to get up in like six hours.

(i'm listening to deathbed, how fitting for this post. relient k song, jon foreman of switchfoot guests. haha).

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


i love love LOVE this weather. and it strikes me as funny how so many people have changed their facebook status to something cold weather related (and yes, i am guilty). i LOVE wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts and having cold ears and a cold nose and popping into random coffee shops for hot chocolate and the immediate warm up you get when you step into a building (for they feel that they must over compensate for the weather outside by turning the heat as high as it will go, with the exception of my dorm, of course). it is my FAVORITE time of year. yay.

however, i know that this is only temporary. by the weekend, our highs will be back in the 70s instead of the 50s. but its still fun while it lasts :)

i ordered rainboots today. they should be here by next wednesday at the latest. that makes me happy too.

but what makes me happiest is that i will see HIS face in just four days ♥
we have almost everything all planned out.
im so excited.
i dont think i've done something so random and been this excited about it...
oh, my matty♥.

Friday, October 19, 2007

blue eyes and milkshakes.

it was gorgeous outside today!
met the nicest boy in line for ice cream with incredible blue eyes.
walked in the sunshine with my delicious chocolate milkshake.
mmm the simple pleasures.

and oh, for the weekend!
girls night with micah involving movies and pizza...
memphis tomorrow. :)

only 9 days and 6 1/2 more hours till i see his face!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


the ONE TIME i leave my camera at home, exciting things must happen daily.
-beautiful sunset on the way to state sunday night.
-coconut in the mail on monday
-fire dept out to dorm on tuesday

man. someone burned something in the kitchen upstairs on the seventh floor this morning and it set all the fire alarms off. i figured it was another drill and i just grabbed homma and put her in my purse (just in case, not taking any chances). left my computer and my cellphone inside. went outside, not a drill. haha. so then i'm like my entireee life is in that dorm room. please don't let it burn down! so the fire trucks come and the firemen hop out and grab axes and run inside. but there really wasn't a fire. which is good. it was still kinda exciting though.

so yeah. great fun.

i am SO READY for it to get cold outside. i brought all of my favorite long sleeves back with me (which resulted in a fifty gajillion pound suitcase and no room left in my closet). i want it to be cold for football games! especially the alabama game. yeah.

road trip to memphis this weekend with travo and nico. road trip NEXT weekend (TO SEE MY LOVE MATTHEW!) to mobile with ella, nathan, and possibly nicole. thennn, me and micah are planning road trips for after exams this semester (to st. louis) and for the early half of spring break (to dallas). great fun. i love road trips. :)

Monday, October 8, 2007


stargirl seems to get more profound every time i read it.

Friday, October 5, 2007


i'm sitting here rereading my past, writing a story for fun, drinking RC cola and thinking of my grampa.

and i got a big smile on my face.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


rough day.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


i love home.