Friday, October 26, 2007

road trips.

oh, how God works in mysterious ways. He teaches me a lesson when i least expect it. right when i'm starting to doubt the wonder of His grace. then He comes and He shows me exactly what i've been needing to know. awesome :)

on a different note (i wasnt even aware that the above sentences were going to be written. i wasnt even thinking them when i logged in. maybe someone needs to read them), i cannot concentrate at all...

i had a whooole day to do the many things on my to do list, but instead i slept in really late (a result of staying up late the night before) and then i really honestly don't know how i wasted my afternoon. i neeeed to study for this test i have on monday. because it covers four chapters and i know from the last one that its gonna be hard. but i waited till like, i duno, four, to start studying. then i got distracted and decided i needed to clean my room (which i did...but not necessarily right that second). so i cleaned my room. even swept under the desks and the beds and under the sink. haha, hardcore. then i decided i was going to study again. so i did for a little while, then i checked facebook and saw an ad on the side for this game that looked like fun. so i went to the site and played it. for THREE HOURS. so then i finally decide to study again and i remember i never did my laundry. so i go to the basement and do laundry. now it's 1:15 in the morning. other than my 27,000 points on the game and a clean room and a clean basket of laundry, i accomplished NOTHING today.

my attention span is like five seconds i swear.

which means, in turn, that in addition to going to class all day tomorrow, i also have to complete a study guide (for another class...test also monday), copy a whole powerpoint worth of notes for monday night's class, finish the thing i attempted today, clean out the car, figure out what i'm going to wear sunday night, print directions to mobile civic center...

procrastination totally bites you in the butt.

so whatever we end up doing saturday, i shall bring my homework! because i knooow it's not all gonna get done tomorrow.

but you know what? it's allll worth it. just to see my matty t. relient k for the first time in three years. switchfoot for the first time everrr (who i've been waiting yearrrs to see...and i always kinda wanted to go to a SF show wearing a cowboy hat, not sure why...but i think i'm over it now haha).

i might think about going to bed now. i have to get up in like six hours.

(i'm listening to deathbed, how fitting for this post. relient k song, jon foreman of switchfoot guests. haha).

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