Wednesday, October 24, 2007


i love love LOVE this weather. and it strikes me as funny how so many people have changed their facebook status to something cold weather related (and yes, i am guilty). i LOVE wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts and having cold ears and a cold nose and popping into random coffee shops for hot chocolate and the immediate warm up you get when you step into a building (for they feel that they must over compensate for the weather outside by turning the heat as high as it will go, with the exception of my dorm, of course). it is my FAVORITE time of year. yay.

however, i know that this is only temporary. by the weekend, our highs will be back in the 70s instead of the 50s. but its still fun while it lasts :)

i ordered rainboots today. they should be here by next wednesday at the latest. that makes me happy too.

but what makes me happiest is that i will see HIS face in just four days ♥
we have almost everything all planned out.
im so excited.
i dont think i've done something so random and been this excited about it...
oh, my matty♥.

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