Tuesday, October 16, 2007


the ONE TIME i leave my camera at home, exciting things must happen daily.
-beautiful sunset on the way to state sunday night.
-coconut in the mail on monday
-fire dept out to dorm on tuesday

man. someone burned something in the kitchen upstairs on the seventh floor this morning and it set all the fire alarms off. i figured it was another drill and i just grabbed homma and put her in my purse (just in case, not taking any chances). left my computer and my cellphone inside. went outside, not a drill. haha. so then i'm like my entireee life is in that dorm room. please don't let it burn down! so the fire trucks come and the firemen hop out and grab axes and run inside. but there really wasn't a fire. which is good. it was still kinda exciting though.

so yeah. great fun.

i am SO READY for it to get cold outside. i brought all of my favorite long sleeves back with me (which resulted in a fifty gajillion pound suitcase and no room left in my closet). i want it to be cold for football games! especially the alabama game. yeah.

road trip to memphis this weekend with travo and nico. road trip NEXT weekend (TO SEE MY LOVE MATTHEW!) to mobile with ella, nathan, and possibly nicole. thennn, me and micah are planning road trips for after exams this semester (to st. louis) and for the early half of spring break (to dallas). great fun. i love road trips. :)

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