Monday, March 6, 2006


here is my confession: i should never ever drive when i'm emotional. because i am a speed demon more so emotionally than when i'm just regular. lesson learned tonight: it's not a good idea to go 75 on highway 11.

emotion - (n.) a strong surge of feeling; any of the feelings of fear, sorrow, joy, hate, or love; physical or psychological reaction to feelings.

today's the day when i wish i could throw away the emotion and just not care anymore.

i've been taught tonight how deceived i am by my own self, how gullible i am, and how completely naive i am.

and it's not really a nice feeling.

my feelings are hurt too easily. i need to fix that. fix myself so i dont hurt.

my feelings are hurt now. they shouldn't be. but they are.

but eventually i'll find a way not to care.

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