Sunday, April 23, 2006

power of prayer.

i absoulutely love the power of prayer.

friday. ten minutes before the bell was to ring for the end of school, the assistant principal gets on the intercom and says that the bell will be held until 3:15 due to the severe thunderstorm warning out for tuscaloosa county. (RANT #1: who in the WORLD holds school over for a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING? it wasn't even raining outside! we were the ONLY county in alabama that had a warning of any kind, and they hold us over? the day the weather was supposed to be *REALLY* bad, and every county surrounding us gets out of school a couple hours early, we stay in till 3. but for a severe thunderstorm warning coming out of the blus, and they hold us over???) okay. there's the first rant. and it wouldn't be so bad if it were only the fifteen minutes we had to stay over. but no. we stayed after school an HOUR before they let us out. and we still had the thunderstorm warning when we left. the ONLY THING IT DID in the hour we stayed was lightening a couple times, thunder once, and rain for two seconds. i swear. it poured for two seconds then it stopped. it was the craziest thing. i knooow the storm wasn't moving THAT fast. okay, so now it's four in the afternoon and i get in my car to drive home. i missed my tanning appointment (thanks a lot, school board), so i go straight home. on the way home, it starts to rain so hard i can't even see the road. it doesn't help that justin was driving home in front of me and he didn't have his lights on...his car is silver so it blended right on in with the rain sheet in front of me. (RANT #2: they hold me after school for an HOUR while it does nothing...we're not allowed to go anywhere in the school, we had to stay in our classrooms; while it did nothing...NOTHING. and then, they let me out just in time to drive home in the pouring rain. i could have made in home an hour earlier than what i did AND completely missed the rain if i could have gotten out at 3 like i was supposed to.)

pretty much an awesome weekend though.

and i got a surprise tonight. it was a thing that stephanie and i prayed about last night in our discussion we had. thus which prompting me to say "i love the power of prayer."

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