Tuesday, April 25, 2006


i want a boy who isn't just my boyfriend, but my best friend. i want a boy who knows that i'm lying when i say "i'm fine" after he asks me how i am. who calls to talk to me just because he was thinking of me but doesn't really have anything to say. who will call or IM just to say goodnight. who is not only comfortable spending time with not just me but my family, and blends right on in. who will take care of me when i'm sick. who will kiss me in the car. who is content just sitting on the couch with his arms around me. who will write me sweet notes even though it's really not his thing. who will take the lead. who will make fun of me but not in a mean way. who will go shopping with me. who will make me laugh. who will go to church with me. who will take the time to walk in the rain holding hands. a boy who makes holding hands exciting. one i can't wait to see. the one i don't feel like i have to clean house for or impress. one i can be myself around. a boy who truly likes me for me.

i think this boy lives in my imagination and there is no such person. but it's a nice try.

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