Monday, April 10, 2006

college towns.

i did some heavy thinking this morning getting ready for school. it was really really crazy.

i was thinking about how i decided i don't like living in a college town. you meet so many people, but they are from everywhere, nobody really lives here on a permanent basis. so when they get finished with school they go home back to wherever they lived before they came to UA. it's really sad. i just want people to stay.

then i started to think about how i'm going to be moving to another college town, and i'm going to be one of those people that only live in a certain place for four or so years and get close to people, then wham bam thank you ma'am, i get a degree, graduate, and i'm moving on back to home sweet home.

i am stressing out way before time to stress out.

this is the first time that the thought of college has actually scared me. going to school and still being here is one thing, you've got family friends everyone. but i'm going off all alone.

i have two scholarship applications in my possession as of right now. i have to fill them out and send them off.

all this from the notion that maybe i really don't like living in a college town.

then i thought, you're stupid. you know you do.

and now i need to do some math homework. i'm going crazy.

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