Sunday, November 20, 2005


well, all the talking about thanksgiving and getting everything ready for it...and the supper tonight that i am probably going to now, so that i don't have to cook..but i always feel weird..but whatever i dont really care all that much i dont guess.

anyway, all the talking about thanksgiving has got me all excited :)!!! i love thanksgiving and christmas at mimis house when everyone gets there and we're just all running around crazy and every where you look there's a person. it's not really all that crowded, it just seems that way...ever since i was a little girl. alll that good food and homemade cookies with sugar sprinkles and leftovers [cold turkey with ketchup! yes, my favorite thing about thanksgiving food!!] then there is spending the night over there and talking half the night with my cousins i haven't seen since summer or the christmas before or even a few weeks ago, depending on the distance away they live. then getting up at like four to go shopping!! yess! then you can taste christmas in the air, and it all starts over again!!

i'm so glad it's only four days away :)

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