Saturday, November 12, 2005

i never thought it would be true.

is this the year we fall apart?
is this the year where it all ends?
ever since march it's been different.
i feel like i'm losing a part of myself...
along with all of you.

i threw myself at other things
but it all comes back to us.
we were supposed to be forever
not ever keeping it a secret from each other.

but one big event
and then a few little ones
have torn us waaay apart.
sorry i was a little mad...
you called me un-social..
i sat by both of yall all night.

then you went to the movies
with out me
and just the other day you said
you didn't even WANT to see that movie.
but then she comes along
and i admit, she's not here much.
but i was supposed to be first.
or so i thought.

that's okay,
yes i'm a little mad.
so what i lied to you.
its not like you're ever gonna find out
you won't ever read this.
be with her.

when she goes home,
you'll figure it out
when he breaks your heart again
dont cry to me.

i told you how i felt once.
it didnt change over the past 6 months.
so that's your mistake.
i made one this summer too.
except everyone expected me to .g.e.t. .o.v.e.r. .i.t.
but its okay for you to mope around

::just blowing off steammmmmmmm
::because i hate this sooo muchhhh
::let me go back to the way it used to beeeeee

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