Friday, November 18, 2005

oh God, he's gotta be out there somewhere...

it's weird how being sick puts things in perspective for me. it just makes me think, sitting around here with nothing to do all day. actually, i hate being sick, and such, but when you are there is nothing you can do about it. i should have just gone and then checked out today. but im glad i didnt go.

i've been doing a lot of thinking today while i was endlessly enduring reruns of making the band 3 on mtv. (laguna beach wasn't on very much today). i'm always the third wheel. why does that always seem to be? i've been noticing it a lot more lately. especially in the field concerning love.

and yes, this is slightly confidential and completely of opinion.

i've been caught in the middle of my best friend's relationship for the past six or seven months. that in itself is not very fun at all. it's because i think she had a very possessive and jealous boyfriend who never liked me very much.

again, completely of opinion.

i read an entry earlier from a friend's lj, and i started to think again. he was talking about not being interesting in someone at the moment and pulling away from some people..on purpose.

i've done exactly that.

i'm not interested in anyone at the moment either. and it's not that i don't want to be. because there is nothing else right now that i want more than to be in a relationship. i feel like i'm missing out on something. it's just that...there's really no one out there for me, it seems.

i've had, i'm not sure what to call it. i've had something. three times. and i don't really care if they count it or not, because i do anyway. the first was so long ago..and it was, ya know, the first time i ever really liked someone quite like that. i didn't think that i would ever have that feeling again. but, alas, i did.

two more times.

the second time it wasn't so involved. okay that didn't make sense. the first time, i was friends with the person, we hung out a ton, it was just like that. this time, it was with my friend's brother, and i didn't really know him at all. actually, through the whole thing, i really didn't know him. not until after i was not liking him so much anymore. but that time took a while to get to. i was always thinking about him, it seemed.

next, i went through two crushes, nothing really, just so that i had someone to like while my friends did, you know it. one was while i was in new york. i think that was just the trip magic catching up with me. the other was just something else i went through.

i didn't think that i would ever find someone i really wanted to keep getting to know, to spend my time with, to really like.

but then, it happened. i found a guy that i really liked. that i really thought i made a connection with, one that liked me back in the same way. the first two days i knew him, i didn't even really notice him. so it wasn't anything like love at first sight. it wasn't even attraction at first sight. actually, i don't know when it happened. we spent a week together away from everyone in a city a few states away. and everyone else could see it too. but after we got home, it just wasn't the same. and i really really liked this boy. he just wasn't feeling it the same way at all. he really hurt my feelings. more so than the other two, i think.

and i know that wasn't even recent. that was this summer. and i know that everyone really, just really wanted to know the history of my relationships. but bear with me, if anyone is actually reading this. eventually i'm sure i have a point to all of my ramble.

i've read the book "saving my first kiss...why i'm keeping confetti in my closet". and a lot of the things that she says in that book completely agree with me. but then, when she starts talking about not focusing on it, to ignore it and go on with life, i just don't see how it is possible.

all around me, all of my friends are paired off. i heard a girl in my 4th block class the other day talking about her 20 year old boyfriend. 20. and the girl is how old? FOURTEEN. fourteen. that makes me sick. an age difference isn't bad. when you're older. but 14 to 20? that's six years. and six years matter a wholeee lot when you're only fourteen years old. i'm seventeen...if i dated someone six years older than me, i'd be dating someone 23. it doesn't seem like that much of a gap. but fourteen??

i guess it's all come to the surface because the football banquet is monday night. i've never ever been to the football banquet with a date. robin is going. again. but not with her ex-boyfriend that asked her. ohh no. she's going with HIS FRIEND. dannggg. but i didn't get asked. and i didn't get asked last year.

this was supposed to be THE year. my junior year. we had such plans for it, that we were going to have dates to all the big events and dances and such. then robin goes and gets a boyfriend. and i was happy for her, i really was. don't get me wrong. but then, at times i was so jealous of her i could scream. and still do sometimes. so then, d is alone.

story of my life.

alone at the homecoming dance. alone on friday nights. alone at the football games. alone when the football banquet happens. alone alone alone.

sometimes it doesn't bother me much. sometimes, like now, it hits me like a brick.

all i can do is sit and wonder...why? why must i wait, oh God? i know he is out there somewhere. i just wish he would come my way.

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