Saturday, July 1, 2006


okay, so today was most excellente.

rude awakening: so what if we only got to stay at the river for a couple hours and not till six as planned? martha ann's pool is almost as fun and a lot cleaner! plus there are no big fish *OR* alligators. :)

yeah so. my welcome screen had little red white and blue stars. it made me happy. 4th of july is so close! and summer is, what? halfway over? whoa. slooow down.

edit(1225AM)://i have come to the conclusion that i am not popular with people my own age. i only get along with people years older or people years younger, aka my college age & above friends, and my middle school homies. haha thats so sad.

also, my vocabulary has been great these past two weeks and i have the best toy ever..some little suction cup rolly thing like the one i found in jason's desk :)

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