Tuesday, June 27, 2006


do i look like the magnet for people to come to with their problems?
obviously. look at who i'm talking to.

the swirling thoughts are getting even more mixed up now than they were a couple hours ago. its mostly boys. i dont know why that's such a big focus today but obviously it is.

if i'm waiting on my prince charming, how come i feel so royally screwed?

i'm more than ready to move on with someone new, but i don't want to get involved with someone until i'm positive that it's going to go somewhere. i'm tired of being led on. i'm tired of being hurt.

why can't people understand that?

and fyi: the things you say in the past don't magically become all better just by saying sorry. it does hurt.

so what if i've changed? i'm tougher now and i can handle it. and i like who i've become. so if you don't, sorry. too bad for you.

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