Sunday, June 18, 2006


okay, so tomorrow is mission:louisville. somehow i still feel like, at least where i'm concerned, that it may turn out to be mission:impossible.

this is the first trip in the past year that i haven't had second thoughts about. every other trip i tell myself i'm not going, and then last minute i decide that i am, or else i know i'm going but decide a few days before that i don't want to go anymore. but even with the prospect of entering into this mission trip unprepared except in prayer, i'm still itching to go. there's not been one time that i said i wasnt going on this trip. and here it is, just a few hours shy of departure time and i'm still ready to board that bus for six long hours of travel.

and man, i love to travel. but six hours in a bus just seems like a whole lot. seems like a lot. it will probably go by really fast. i wish we were flying (um, not counting the expense factor, of course). i looove to fly. airports make me feel sophisticated. :)

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