Monday, July 3, 2006


so today i ate really good barbecue for lunch and supper...mmm. i love when we have holidays because jerry *always* cooks out. and on tuesday, we're cooking out again, and having homemade ice cream, and watermelon. aw, how patriotic of me.

celebrating the fourth of july in style last year - sitting on the grassy riverbank of the mississippi river in new orleans, louisiana - was fun, but i'm kinda glad we're still in coaling this year.

tonight we had fireworks at church, and it was a pretty good show. there were a *ton* of people there, people i didn't know (but that's okay). lots of college people. kinda weird to think that in just one very short year i'll be a "college people". but i'm gonna hang with the youth because we do all the cool stuff. college people don't do anything anymore.

but they're pretty cool anyway. college brings forth the illusion of freedom. freedom to do as you please.

i miss some certain college people :)

speaking (typing) of college people, i found out one of my college-aged friends is moving away. it's sad.

rude awakening: but the thing about living in a college town is that you never know exactly how long you'll get to be friends with someone. it's inevitable that someday they'll leave for "real life" and you might never see them again. it's a price you have to pay.

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