Wednesday, July 5, 2006

red suitcases.

i'm so excited that i get to break out the battered old red suitcase once again. it's become my best friend over the past couple of years. i never knew that it was just the beginning when my mimi gave me that luggage set a couple of years ago for christmas. i was like, hey, great, i'm going to gatlinburg. but since then, it's accompanied me to new york city twice, the beach several times, gatlinburg a couple of times, louisville, chattanooga, new orleans twice, etc etc etc. and california next year!

there's always the promise of adventure in the air when i step out of my house armed with my red suitcase, carry-on shoulder bag, purse, pillow, and fully charged cellphone. i never know what exactly is in store for me.

i'm excited about packing. i always wait till last minute to do my packing. i've never packed earlier than the day before i leave. but, i feel like i'm restraining myself not to break the tradition, lol.

and i'm only going to the beach.

then again, it's one of my most favorite places to be. like, top 2. any beach. (well, except for in pascagoula. it's the only beach i wasn't all that excited about. mainly because it wasn't much of a beach.) but now: panama city. sandy white to shell island...NEW BIKINIS!

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