Thursday, January 19, 2006

far from perfect.

today i have been hit over the head continually with the realization that not every one lives the way i do. when i said this to someone earlier, they paused and said, "duh!" but i mean, i realize that others don't live like me, but it's never been thrown in my face so much in so little time. like, i took notice of it.

i know i'm not perfect. i'm so far from perfect. but the things that my classmates were talking about today just made me realize how my faith keeps me from the things i don't need to do. for example, just today i heard people talk about getting drunk, sneaking out to the shore together, partying, living with their boyfriend, having babies, prom plans, their idea of "true love" (which isn't the same as mine) and other stuff..all in the span of an hour.

it's amazing the fronts that people put up to fool everyone else. you think a person is one way when they are really just not like you would ever expect. it kinda makes me wonder what every one is REALLY like.

it kinda scares me.

i need to learn to hear. God, help me. i don't know what to listen for. but i'm dying to know where i'm supposed to go. help me go where You need me.

this leaves me a little sad.

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