Monday, May 9, 2011

great plains storm chase.

hello all. in approximately 3 days, i will be setting off on the greatest adventure i've had the opportunity to take.

my bag is sort of packed, i have lists upon lists of things to do and buy and pack and take...and i'm ready.

feel free to follow our adventures while we are gone! we have an official chase team blog, where you can see video and pictures of the things we're seeing or doing, and you can also track our progress via an interactive map. our van has gps that reports back to the website and you can follow us through all the storms. the blog also features SPC outlooks, storm reports, and radar for the great plains. in addition, we have a twitter account, and i'll also be updating on my twitter too. beware: if you get updates from me sent to your phone (but who does that anymore, right?) you should probably turn them off.

here's to adventuring and thunderstorms!

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