Sunday, April 3, 2011


disclaimer number one: i am dramatic. maybe it comes with the territory of being a girl. maybe it's just me. either way, now that i can publicly announce it, i would like to say that i will be joining the mississippi state university department of geosciences with the great plains storm chase 2011.

all dramatics from last post aside, i did get chosen to go, and though i only know one person going on the trip besides myself, i am excited beyond words. our first meeting about the trip is this week.

speaking of severe weather, i had a dream last night about monday's severe weather possibility. i dreamed that i was in class in hilbun, and the front came through sooner than expected, and we were all still in class. instead of being a supercell outbreak (which was what the models were hinting to as of thursday evening), it was a strong squall line with embedded tornadoes in the front edge of the line. one such tornado came through the msu campus area, and they made us all go to the basement instead of staying in the climate lab.

anyway, i woke up this morning and looked at some model runs for monday afternoon, since i have an assignment to follow them daily until my class monday afternoon. i was reading the discussions on the national weather service site and the spc's day 2 outlook, and they both mentioned the storms should be more linear instead of supercellular. spc also went on to say that even though there is shear vectors parallel to the main flow, the bulk of the shear is so strong that there can be spin up along the line and tornadoes embedded in the squall line as it moves through.

now, i've noticed a trend in the last few years of my life that when i dream about tornadoes (or severe weather), we usually have one soon after. it doesn't always coincide, because there have been days were the weather is hot and boring and i'll dream about a tornado outbreak. or there will be times when i'll dream it and it will happen somewhere else in the country. but today i felt like a wizard.

there's probably some psychological reason for the fact that i dream about tornadoes before they happen, like the fact that i've been up to my eyeballs researching different severe weather events today and analyzing dozens of upper air charts. but i like to think that i have magical powers.

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Mississippi Girl said...

CONGRATS!!!! I'm so happy for you! :)