Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hanging by a moment.

life has a way of throwing things at you sometimes. things you don't expect. you can have all these dreams and plans, and then life just kind of happens along the way, and all of the sudden you realize that your life is heading in the opposite direction of where you thought you'd be, but that you're okay with the way it's going anyway.

this past summer (now that it is technically over, since i'm back in starkville, though classes haven't started yet), this was the biggest lesson for me to learn. as i sat back and realized that in may, i was content with the way that my life was, but now that it's the end of july, life did a 180, and i'm more than okay with that.

sometimes i'm scared because living these days requires so much vulnerability. i'm not good at being vulnerable. it's scary because i know that people can hurt me that way. but on the other hand, sometimes i'm worried that i'll try to guard my heart so much that i will miss out on something awesome. but i guess that is the risk that you have to take to truly enjoy life, to the fullest, every day.

but lately i've thrown caution to the wind, and i'm jumping in head first.

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