Monday, July 19, 2010

between goodbye and hello.

every summer i face the exact same feeling, and it usually comes right about this time of july.

my summer ends in one week. i have one week to spend with my family, with my cat, with my friends, with my boyfriend. i have one week to pack everything i need to live on my own (in my residence hall, that is). i have one week to fit in as much jet skiing, movie watching, hand holding, and last minute dates as possible. i have one week left at my internship in birmingham, one week left of commuting, one week left of practicing with hd-cameras and a 16x9 chroma key wall. one week left of doing nothing at all but chilling at my house.

but, on the other hand...

i have one week until i get to be back in starkville. one week before i begin my senior year of college, the beginning of the end, so to speak. one week before i have a stable internet connection. one week before i get to start my new job as resident adviser and plan all kinds of events and parties. one week till i'm as close to football season as you can get, without it actually being football season. one week before i get to see people i love that i haven't seen in three months. one week before i can resume my workouts at the sanderson, before i can walk the sidewalks of God's country. one week before i become fully my own person again.

so there are drawbacks on both sides, and advantages on both sides. i want to stay home, but i can't wait to get to starkville. it's the torn feeling that i get every year, one between goodbye and hello, where transitions are made.

i'm not a fan of that feeling.

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