Wednesday, November 18, 2009

what i learned today:

- i suck at calculus
- i, however, am good at procrastination
- i am gullible
- forgiveness is very hard. especially when most of me doesn't want to forgive at all.
- 99% of all my long-sleeve shirts are too long in the sleeves
- 75% of those long-sleeve shirts are either pink or green
- 'across the universe' soundtrack was a good buy
- it's the day after, and i still haven't gotten john mayer's new cd
- i suck at friendships
- also at schoolwork
- i like it when i can sing loudly in my room without weird stares
- i'm ready for thanksgiving
- i learned a lot more in wx analysis than i thought i did
- i'm going to have to study a lot to make good grades on my finals
- i'm going to a hockey game
- i adore my major
- my wx friends are hilarious, i'm so glad i met them
- i still don't like wx barbie. how can she say a lot of nothing and still sound intelligent?
- i commit to too many obligations
- i am fat
- i am going to not eat until thanksgiving
- cake is fantastic. this is why i'm fat
- i should start running. i hate running.
- God definitely tried to tell me something today
- spelling "definitely" correctly (there's not an A!)and differentiating between "you're" and "your", and spelling dessert correctly (you like dessert twice as much, it has two s's. thanks) is apparently beyond college student capability.

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