Tuesday, January 27, 2009


sometimes its the really small things that make me realize how awesome God is and how insignificant i am.

i get chills at beauty.
i tear up during worship.
i stare at the clouds and realize that all of this world was made entirely by God. and i'm studying the atmosphere and all the different ways that it acts. i'm studying to be a scientist. but even all of our atmospheric specialists are not quite sure how everything works exactly. we can only guess. and our efforts are so mundane. we're trying to figure out God's masterpiece, and we can't do it.

and even after all of that, He STILL loves me.
He values me enough to send Jesus to die.
for me.
just me.
it's the most complex thing that i've ever tried to wrap my mind around.
and the hardest thing to put into words.
because paper can't explain how it feels.

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