Monday, June 2, 2008

we need each other.

1 kings 19:1-18

there are 7000 soldiers in isreal that belong to God.

elijah thinks he is alone, he needs encouragement. we ALL need encouragement. we all want to know that we are not alone.

the soldiers in isreal are silent soldiers. they are not bold, loud soldiers of God. in the passage, the Lord describes them as what they DON'T do, not what they often are we also like this? we are not called to be silent christians, because in our silence we have become irrelevent.

in our silence, we practice cubicle christianity. we are working for the same company, under the same roof, for the same boss, yet we are working completely independently. we bring this principle to the church. do we spend any time with each other outside of worship services? do we try to have relationships with each other?

life is a series of relationships. we define our lives by these relationships.

so what are we doing?

other people could be relying on me for encouragement. we go to church to worship God, yes, but we also go to gather together and encourage each other. otherwise we get discouraged. we fail.

this is life. we need each other. tell people how you feel.

so who is it that i need to encourage?

* * *
expect random encouragement :)
and you can ask me how i feel. i will tell yo

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