Sunday, November 11, 2007

foreign language.

nicole already left. sad day.

we watched my relient k concert videos last night and redetermined that matthew a. thiessen is the most amazing human being on the planet. if i could find a stronger word than amazing, i would use it. there just aren't enough words to fully describe the wonderfulness that he posesses.

jon schneck from relient k wrote me an email :)

and state beat alabama on saturday. saturday was just a good day all around. i got to see a lot of people from home. (okay, four). but i still hadn't seen them in ages. haha. and then, of course, nicole and i were acting extremely under the influnence. but only the influnence of not enough sleep, too much sugar, and a lot of free time. lots of new pictures on facebook. it was the best.

yay for great weekends!!

thanksgiving is really close, and i'm super excited to spend more than a day at home. good food, good friends, good family...can't beat that with a stick. not that i would want to.

i got some music from micah a few weeks ago, just burned them into itunes. and friday afternoon i actually sat down and listened to them and put titles and artists to them instead of just "track 01, track 02..." and they are great. punky alternative bands ive never heard of. its awesome :)

im so sleepy.

church was great today.

edit: 8:10 pm:
listening: foreign language - anberlin

today was lazy lazy.
apparently i am "married" to this boy.
he makes me laugh everrry time i talk to him.
my coke has ice already in it. guess my fridge is too cold.
good music = my favorite.
i am really random.
i am unsure how to feel about "the situation".
i am wearing a shirt i tie dyed myself.
and i am hungry.
and i want milk to make hot chocolate.

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