Sunday, November 4, 2007


prayer is awesome.
church was great today.

i am a very lucky girl. i get to meet matthew thiessen.
now i get to see ohio avenue.
yay :)

next weekend: MSU v Bama (go dawgs!!) saturday. coaling for church and OA at the ferg sunday.

the NEXT weekend: must go to some family thing for jerry's work, because if i go see OA then i have to go to that. which i dont mind. should be fun.

the following tuesday: beginning of thanksgiving break! yay for my favorite holiday!

two weeks (ish) later: end of winter semester.

so yeah. it's been a crazzzzzy semester. :)

10:11 pm

i seriously am a lucky girl. i meet matthew thiessen, my best friend is coming to stay the weekend with me AND i get to go see ohio avenue! yay :)

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