Tuesday, February 28, 2006

two more weeks.

i got a package in the mail today from some leadership thing in washington dc that some people want me to go to, because apparently i am a leader. but i want people to know I AM NOT A LEADER, i am a follower. i'm not cut out to be a leader, or a people person, or a frickin car host, or in charge of anything.

however, today in second, i was staring into space after i took my science test, and i got this feeling to look over at my teachers computer. and her screensavers are absolutely beautiful. just different pictures of things out in nature: sunny days, leaves, snow, waterfalls, wild animals, butterflies, and my personal favorite, a heart drawn in the sand at the beach. and i just felt that God was telling me, "look! look what i made for you to enjoy! i made it all for you! isn't it beautiful?" and i just had to have a praise prayer right then to thank God! it was a good moment. :)

oh, and along with my medicine, i think i need a dose of apathy.

i'm so glad that today is the last day in february.
good thing february only has 28 days.
i'm so tired of february.
march should be much better.

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