Wednesday, August 14, 2013

leaves will be falling down, down.

fall is coming, people. i have proof:

1. it's starting to get darker earlier. you can only notice this a smidgen though.
2. it's definitely staying darker later. proof of this statement is that i now have to turn on the lamp to get ready in the mornings instead of using sunlight. also the sun hits my silver dash in the mornings and about blinds me when i try to drive.
3. football season is a little over 2 weeks away (hail state!)
4. stores already have halloween candy out (thinking that makes me want to sew a costume. but i think i'll recycle a costume if i dress up this year).
5. school starts next week.
6. the low temp tonight will be firmly sitting in the mid-60s.
7. the tropics are getting more active.

yay fall!

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