Thursday, November 8, 2012

all i want for christmas is you.

first of all, i would like to say how much i hate standard time. it's a lot. here are reasons why it sucks:

1. it starts getting dark at 4pm. i'm still at work at 4pm. so i miss all daylight except for the 20 minutes i drive to work.

2. it's a dark ride home, and pitch black when i get there. hard to check the mail when you can't see anything.

3. it makes me feel like bedtime is sooner. when it's been so dark for so long, i feel like i should be in bed even though it's only 7 (also that makes me sound way older than i am).

4. when i have an off day, and i choose to spend it shopping, i go to stores that have out christmas decorations and michael buble christmas albums on sale. add in the fact that it is relatively cold outside, and i start having premature festive holiday feelings. so then i go home and put on the aforementioned album and break my personal rule of only listening to christmas music in the appropriate christmas music season (from black friday to boxing day). and then i am ashamed.

5. as much as i love michael buble's voice, it is too early to have christmas carols and other christmas songs stuck in my head. and i definitely have "all i want for christmas is you" running around in my brain.

those last two parts are the reason why i hate standard time most.

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