Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the bucket list.

so far, and in no particular order:
*visit all fifty states
*graduate high school with honors
*graduate college
*be a meteorologist
*go surfing
*see all of my favorite bands play live
*have a "wish on a star" come true
*have a meaningful relationship
*make someone's day
*have an inside cat (or two)
*write a book
*make a difference
*be important to someone outside of my family
*go to another country
*hold an entire conversation in another language
*help lead someone to God
*be a leader
*find true love
*get married
*have a family
*take a fabulous picture
*take a spontaneous road trip
*swim with a dolphin
*meet matthew thiessen
*do something to help the youth group grow
*trust someone completely
*spend a summer at the beach
*have a snowball fight with friends
*build a life-size snowman
*travel overseas
*go to space

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