Saturday, October 31, 2009

be joyful in hope.

i honestly have no words to describe how incredibly blessed i am. i had a moment tonight where i was overwhelmed with the joy of life. God has given me so much, and even though i complain a lot, i am truly thankful for everything.

there's nothing i have ever done that could even make me believe the tiniest bit that i deserve this happiness that i have. the amazing friends that i have. i get to do what i love, where i love to be, and with the people i love.

not that life is perfect. far from it. perfection is incapable in the world that we live. but even in the shadow and the tear i will praise my God for what He has given me.

being "joyful in hope" is a verse i hope i can strive to accomplish every day. i just don't have the language to express my adoration for the only One who deserves it, and the joy that is rooted in my soul for experiences that daily unfold for me.

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