Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sometimes it IS just the thought that counts.

my favorite kinds of blessings are not the ones that slap me in the face, but the ones that sneak up on me and overwhelm me with their goodness. this doesn't happen very often (probably more often than i realize) but i think that's why they are so special.

it happens when i'm outside one day and realize the wonder of the beauty of creation that surrounds me. it happens when i see an amazing sunset i have to get on camera when i drive down the road. and today, unexpectedly, it happened when all of my friends began to text me and tell me my family was in their prayers. i was hit with the powerful reminder of how blessed i am to call all of you 'friend' and how much it meant to me that you care.

isn't it awesome how such a small action can cause such a big reaction?

God is good.

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