Monday, May 4, 2009

hello, i've waited here for you.

summer couldn't have arrived more perfectly. three consective days with little sleep, lots of driving, good friends, and good music. all-american rejects were superb. first official concert of summer. kicking off a hopeful summer of good music. still to come: ohio avenue, tonic, and ben lee. awesome.

oh, and speaking of music, i realized today that i go through phases with the kind of music i listen to. i never realized it before. besides my few staples, i only listen to one kind of sound at a time. and right now, i'm leaving a mellow-y, acoustic-y sound (john mayer, jack johnson, better than ezra, dmb) in favor of a punky alternative sound (all-american rejects, green day, blink-182, jimmy eat world).

life is good.

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