Monday, October 27, 2008

you know what it's like to believe...

it makes me wanna scream.

so here's to living life vicariously through song lyrics. i identify way more closely than i care to. just ask me, i bet i can find a lyric to anything you ask me about myself. ha.

also, today i came to the conclusion that i am going to stop asking for advice because i hate it when people get upset if i don't take it. i don't want to hurt your feelings because i don't listen to you, i'm too stubborn. from now on, i will make my own decisions, however poor those decisions may be. and if i mess things up, it will be my own fault. if i get hurt, i'll deal with it. it will be my own drama. if i complain, just shut me up. it's the way i want it, exactly as it is, right this second. i appreciate the concern and love involved in advice and i appreciate that you are trying to save me from my own demise, but please...let me make my own mistakes. besides, i am only hurting myself.

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