Friday, April 25, 2008

things i dont understand.

since i slept through my first two classes (smart), i decided to post about things i don't understand before my next class. to kill time :)

1. cleaning the bathrooms at different times each day. we used to have a set time that the bathrooms were closed on our hall for cleaning, it was like 2-ish, i believe, i always had class that time so it didn't matter. but lately, every day is a different time. no matter what time it is, it is being cleaned when i have to go in there for something. haha.

2. chemistry. apparently. my grade can tell you that.

3. fashion trends. which include, but are not limited to:
- nike running shorts and leggings (especially when it is perfectly clear that the wearer is NOT going to work out. ESPECIALLY when its ten degrees outside. just put some clothes on.) oh, how i wish i had a quarter everytime i saw nike running shorts.
- leggings that cut off at the ankle and the person wears them with flip flops.
- leggings as pants with a regular length shirt. gross. just stop.
- ugg boots and sweatpants pulled up to right above the top of the boot.
- or worse, ugg boots and pajama pants tucked in them.
- socks with sandals.
- dresses over jeans.
- tennis shoes without socks.
- clothes that you are 100% sure the person cannot breathe in.
- underwear hanging out of your pants.

blah im out of time, but if i can think of more later i will post them :)

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