Sunday, March 18, 2007

spring break.

so, expanding horizons:mission california is making me quite the excited.

i've been doing some thinking over the past few days of the people i've met through trips like the aforementioned and other various retreats and events. it seems like i only have a few precious days to spend with people whose impact may linger for years. people i may see again in the future or may never get to see again. i've had the pleasure of talking to (over the telephone, not face to face, sadly...i really detest the telephone) some of these people just over the last twenty-four hours or so. they probably have no idea that the things that they have said and done have made such an impression in my life. i often think about when we bring people in to help us with events or led sessions at a retreat or lead worship for us that i feel i know those people better than they know me. i guess it's because that in the space of just a few days, there is only one (or four or five, whatever) for me to know, and twenty-plus for them to know. it kinda makes me wonder who all i have had an impact on. who's life i have touched in a way i will probably never know. if i left some kid back in tennessee or kentucky or new orleans, or even when i go to walnut, saying "i remember this one girl from a church that came to help out, she really inspired me." i leave my thoughts wondering if i should let the people who have touched MY life in some way know that they are special to me.

on another note, spring break hasn't been quite what i expected. i had all of these plans made, and most of them fell through. but through it all, i still managed to have a pretty good time. i didn't talk to any of my three best friends till wednesday night, when i AIMed nicole for a few minutes, then friday when i talked to chelsea for a long time, and then tonight when i saw nicole at church for our cali meeting. it gave me a glimpse of how college will be when i am away from my girls. except, of course, when i am in college i will be completely alone, knowing no people at msu OR usa. anyway i digress.

speaking of college, i will be going to mississippi on tuesday and im reallllly excited about it. really really really.

alright i guess im done blabbing about nothing at all in particular. just felt like writing a little bit

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