Sunday, February 11, 2007

to the weekends we treasure.

it offically started at 3 pm friday afternoon. chelsea threw her stuff in my car and we went to the bank, to my mom's work, got a frosty at wendy's, and back to go to the adventure of winterjam 2007!

we didn't get floor seats, we tried, but a lot of stuff was reserved and the security told us to leave and find a seat elsewhere. so we were 4th row on the first level. not bad. hawk nelson was awesome. and i love jeremy camp. (the other ones did alright but i went for jeremy.) we left before it was over, though...

then back to my, amber, chelsea, nicole. sleepover! we did the whole wizard of oz/pink floyd thing and went to bed after we talked for an hour or so. we got up saturday morning, amber went home. chelsea, nicole, and i went to southeastern bible college for preview day. it was interesting, it's a really nice place. then they had a preview day concert: candlefuse and ohio avenue. there were only about..well i duno, maybe 50 or so people there, so there wasn't a fight for front row, we were about three feet away from the bands. ohio avenue did a good job. candlefuse did too, ben's guitar died in the middle of the concert so he had to use derek's from ohio avenue. anyway, we met the bands after the concert, took some pictures, chatted with ohio avenue's drummer chad for a while, then left. nicole went home, chelsea stayed over again. we played around on the wii and on myspace till like 2:30. then we went to church this morning. end of sleepover.

but through the "fun times" that i've had this weekend, through the concerts and cute boys and good music, God has taught me a lot. it was an unexpected eye-opening weekend and i like that. how God can take an exciting weekend and turn it into a learning experience, that amazes me.

again, it was an amazing weekend.

hope yours was as good.

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