Wednesday, November 8, 2006


this really isnt working.

i've had a pretty good couple of weeks. a pretty good month, actually.

but the past two days sucked incredibly bad.
everything that could go wrong, did.

justin cut off all his hair.
i was late to school.
i left my notes at home.
i had three tests.
one involved those notes.
left my book report and book at home.
thank goodness we ran out of time before my turn.
my teacher went absolutely psycho on us during class.

i went to go vote, and apparently i am the ONLY ONE out of the four people who registered in my class that did not get registered. therefore, dianna did not get to vote on her first time to go vote. i went down to town hall and everything. i was sooo upset. PLEASE don't try to make it better by saying "you get to vote in the presidential election though." thats in TWO YEARS. and it's not my first time. i missed that. thanks to the screwups at the courthouse. this was my major rant. it made my whole day go down the drain. i've only been looking foward to this since, oh, forever. so i went home and hid under the covers and cried for like an hour. and to top it all off, hardly anyone i was going to vote for won.

then, this.
i just really think things aren't going to go as planned.
because its just falling apart in front of me.
[and i dont think i can handle it.]

wow. i hate him so much.
but i like him so much too.

i can safely say that tuesday november 7, 2006 was one of the worst days in my whole life. and yes, this too is considered mucho importante.
here's some advice: every girl is an actress, because more often than not the smile on her face is the greatest work she's ever done. don't forget that.

in the word of my friend stanton that just sums everything up:

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