Thursday, July 28, 2005

praise You in the storm.

it's storming outside. big storm. been raining and storming for almost 45 minutes. our lights have almost gone out a few times. i'm just sitting on my bed, which is on the wall opposite my big window, enjoying it. i can see the lightening through my blinds, and i can feel the thunder vibrating the wall i'm leaning against. it's another of God's creations to enjoy. i love to watch thunderstorms. it reminds me of last summer when i was at the beach. it stormed every night. we sat on our covered balcony and watched it. the rain would fall, and the lightening would light up the ocean. it was so beautiful. :)

my mom was all freaked out about the storm, calling us from work and telling us to stay away from windows and appliances. i was the one staring out the window dying to go outside and watch it even more closely.

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